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Happy New Year – 2012 Year of the Water Dragon


On January 3rd I woke from an intense and lucid dream

The time seemed to be in the past; location a simple cottage in a forest of ancient pine trees, the kind with trunks that extend a hundred feet into the sky before any semblance of branches touch the clouds above. I was, along with with my husband and young daughter, battening down and gathering things in anticipation of an approaching storm. The wind picked up and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a burst of light, like a giant fireball high in the treetops at the crest of the hill to my right.We ran into the house and as we secured the doors and windows the most enormous, and frightening fireball, or meteorite, with a long fiery tail was coming right at us! My heart was pounding as I watched helplessly, fearing the worst for our home and our lives. In a matter of seconds the fireball was at our door, but it wasn’t a fireball, it was an enormously tall or 60 foot long, dragon that appeared to be made of fire. It hovered right over our home and what had seemed like an imminent threat, turned into a reassuring nod of the dragon’s head as it glanced our way before moving forward and high above the treetops. As it rose into the air it’s heart-shaped tail seemed to linger and gently wave at us through the living room windows.

But, as soon as the dragon was out of sight, there was a roar of wind that reminded me of a hurricane. This sound got louder and closer and then it too disappeared. Speechless and shaking and yet realizing we were alive and our home was still standing, we opened the door expecting to see the forest ablaze and no way to escape. Nothing, not a twig was out of place. There was no fire, no damage and the cyan blue sky was appearing right where the fireball had burst over the treetops.

We were more than perplexed and stumbled back into the house. As we closed the front door and turned around, we were shocked to see this was no longer our home. We were now aboard what looked like the luxury lounge of the famed Orient Express train and, it was bustling with a large crowd of international passengers…

~ End of Dream, beginning of

Dragon research via Google (of course). 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon, a water dragon to be more precise. The dragon is one of 12 creatures that represent the cycles of the Chinese zodiac.

Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. (wiki more info)

Since I had this dream, I’ve heard or read about the year of the dragon almost daily and intend to learn much more as this expands but one thing I knew I wanted to do right away was either get or create a dragon. Today was the day. I got myself together, got my paints and brushed, recycled a canvas, set up the patio studio complete with Vivaldi’s, The Four Seasons and just let the dragon muse go for phase 1 of my dragon painting. I was imagining my hand would create the majestic, somewhat threatening fire-breathing, ferocious dragon that first appeared in my dream… but today’s dragon, or at least this first expression of her, is definitely a playful, childlike and friendly female.


I’d love to have your comments on dream interpretations, dragons, mythology, history, dragon art-  any insights …


to be continued…