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Refresh Miami over 200 attend at Doubletree Hotel, Coconut Grove

Attended my first Refresh Miami event tonight at the Doubletree Hotel in Coconut Grove, FL. Over 200 people attended and it was standing room packed as the event began with a welcome from Angelique Swann, DoubleTree Director of Marketing introduced Alex de Carvahallo and Brian Breslin, Refresh Miami founders. Next up was a a gentleman from Comcast with exciting news about incredible upload speeds, then on to the first presenter, Murray Izenwasser.

I’d heard Murray recently at a South Florida Women in Communications meeting and tonight, he had an entirely new presentation, Murray’s Rant, complete with a live poll that he demonstrated by having those with mobile devices post as we watched the results in real time. He also shared facts and timelines on the ever increasing speed of technological advances. Did you know the Beatles Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Album was the first ever to have been completely written for that media? Up until that time, for about 89 years, albums were compilations of previously existing songs. 

Next up was Davide Di Cillo ( GetAppsDone ) and his presentation on iPhone apps had some astounding numbers in terms of iPhones in use, number of apps downloaded and the window of opportunity when introducing a new app.

A couple of intense hours of information overload, a great view from the 20th floor of the DoubleTree Hotel overlooking the Coconut Grove shoreline and marinas, so many people I already know and many more to meet at next Refresh Miami

If you’re at all interested in Twitter, Facebook, blogging, web building, code writing, apps, social media, marketing, design, technology, etc. check out Refresh Miami. The energy level, of so many people doing work they love, is electrifying!

#pizzatweetup at Spris in Coral Gables

Met some great twitterers tonight at Spris in Coral Gables. Great people, pizza and networking!
Looking forward to networking with everyone that I met personally and to meeting more of you at the next #pizzatweetup!

Spris Pizza at #pizzatweetup Coral Gables, FL 7.13.09

Spris Pizza at #pizzatweetup Coral Gables, FL 7.13.09

Author,  and Wine Rep, Ed Roberts, across the table at #pizzatweetup

Author, Joel and Wine Rep, Ed Roberts across the table at #pizzatweetup

Custom made Pizza Hat @pizzatweetup Spris, Coral Gables, FL

Custom made Pizza Hat @pizzatweetup Spris, Coral Gables, FL

Also met Mike and Patti Ward – @bocamike and @bocabubbletea
said hello to Blanca @miamishines
Thank you @lapp for putting this event together!
My dear friend Irina (and balloon artist like no other) @mylifeandart
@MikeLaMonica (we share an interest in Woodstock events)
Total Wine afficionado @Ed_Roberts
Waiting to hear more about your writing/books @joelkodner
Sat next to me for just a few minutes @TamiFromMiami
Met previously at #heraldtweetup @bridgetcarey
Fellow nature lover and inspiring writer @vicequeenmaria
hope I didn’t leave anyone out. wish I’d taken more pics but had to pickup my daughter from work at Gardino’s Gourmet Salads in South Miami