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40 Fashionable Bags Especially for Nature Lovers

Does a walk in nature create a sense of joy in your heart? Have you ever hugged a tree or marveled at the gorgeous twinkling moonlight on  newly fallen snow? Let’s make that twinkling twilight on gently rolling ocean waves for my Florida friends!
All of the designs on the new Fall/Winter Handbag Collections share the beauty, power and magic of nature’s energy. I’m always photographing elements of nature that ‘feel’ good – because they are literally, sharing the vibrations of their  location, colors, the time of day, the smells, sounds and sights of nature’s seasonal effects. Nature has so many beneficial vibrations and all we have to do is tune in to align with this power.

All of the designs in my new Fall/Winter Handbag Collections are created to energetically share the amazing vibrations of the flora, fauna or location they are based on. The 8 new designs, available on 5 different styles, are: Tribal Zebra, Peacock Diamond Blues, Red Dragon, Leopard Reflections, Snake Pattern Browns, Silver Maple, No. 9 Bridge Blues and Baby Greens in Gray.

See them all at: www.cortesedesignbags.com

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Honeysuckle Pink on Cortese Design Travel Tote Bags

Healing Pink Mussaenda, leather trimmed, Classic Travel Tote Bag
is rich with hues of Honeysuckle Pink and
shares the energy of compassion, sensuous joy and radiant health!

A Nature’s Energy – Cortese Design Bag

I’m more than happy to share that two of the custom bag designs that I created for ‘The Susan G. Komen for The Cure’ event “Pink Hits the Runway” are rich with the uplifting hues and tones of Pantone’s fashion and decor color of the year for 2011: Honeysuckle Pink!

Pink Rose Pattern, leather trimmed, Classic Travel Tote Bag
is rich with hues of Honeysuckle Pink and
shares the energy of love . self-worth . grattitude.
A Nature’s Energy – Cortese Design Bag

Spinning the Color Wheel

Here’s a great article by Charlyne Varknyi Schaub on the front page of the Home and Design section in the Miami Herald!

Her opening paragraph, “South Florida has never been a place where people are afraid of color or fearful of trying something new.”, attests to the trend-setting, color-loving atmosphere that I fell in love with here in South Florida… and the place where I became entranced with a tropical color palette and a passion to share the magic and power of what I experience from nature!


features the Healing Pink Mussaenda design that is rich with the hues and tones of Honeysuckle Pink!

This “Healing Badge of Courage” is an exclusive, limited edition, soft sculpture featuring my Healing Pink Mussaenda design and hand-beading by Macarena Zilveti, founder of the Badges of Courage Foundation which provides financial assistance to people affected by breast cancer. My Blog post about this project has more information on the badges and the Foundation.