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Blog Maintenance – Recovery from pop up hackers!

Realized a couple of days ago that I could no longer open my blog posts without getting redirected to another page. Actually, many other pages. Search does/did not work, so I began the tedious process of trying to learn what had happened and how I could fix it. Still working on this. Once your blog has been violated, you never feel like it’s really cleaned up. So, after reading hours of articles on what may have happened and how to fix it, and several attempts to upload the newest versions of wordpress, and then, trying to decide if I should just delete it all and start over…. and then after another break to clear my head, trying again, this time even editing the wp-config.php file (although I really don’t know what the h… I’m doing, but sometimes just charge ahead and try stuff. Am seriously thinking I need to sign up for a course in programming so I can at least understand the wheres and whys of some of this). Anyway… the point is, I’m writing in new version of old blog and wondering if the damn hacker code is still somehow in here, or if it will get in again, even after changing my password about 5 times in 3 days. Sorry for the rant… but my brain is frazzled and it’s just time to put this away.
OH, but before I do, here’s the main fix that I read about from The Internet Patrol.

Also, trying out new layouts/themes. please bear with me for awhile. I know the planets are lined up for all kinds of challenges, clearing out and culling is in the air, and even though I KNOW I should be updating, changing passwords, etc on a regular basis, here I am again, cleaning up and shaking my head. Hopefully I’ll learn a lot this time!