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Moonlight Graphics Design Studio – revived!

I actually started a part time job last week. (Yes, the current economic challenges have definitely affected my family/home/finances much more than I care to acknowledge or accept, but that’s another story and one I no longer care to tell.)
Anyway, after the first day of training – as a Starbucks barrista, I could feel that gnawing, nagging ache that I get whenever I’m doing something that is not aligned with what I enjoy, and what I believe I’m supposed to be doing with my life. So, I made the decision that I will continue to follow my dreams. I’ll continue to create art for pleasure, art for licensing, and art for wherever, whoever will enjoy it. But, I do need to feed the kid, cats, pay the utility bills and hopefully keep this roof over our heads!
I did run a successful design agency for over 20 years, and since I’ve had a fulfilling leave of absence… the time finally feels ok to get back to what I know and do best – help others creatively present, market and sell their products and services. Technology has changed a lot since I closed the Vermont Agency, but I’ve more than kept up with computers, software and I am practically addicted to social media marketing, so I know I’m ready for this. And, as much as I admire Starbucks, I’m letting my fantasy of being a super Barrista fade and will instead, happily look forward to enjoying a perfectly created cappuccino as an enthusiastically satisfied Starbucks customer 😉

That said, I’ll be looking for and accepting all kinds of design and production projects. If you, or someone you know, needs a logo, a brochure, post card, catalog, package design, web page, email ad, help setting up a blog or anything related to design and production, give me a call and we can chat a bit to see how I may be able to help you produce an effective, and attractive, product. I’m keeping my rates reasonable, will work hourly, by the job, or on contract. I prefer to discuss your needs first, then prepare an estimate and we can work from there. Everything is negotiable and I am especially interested in work that benefits the environment, children and animals, but of course, won’t be turning down business if it does not exactly pertain to these interests.

I’ll continue to create art for licensing, new handbags and whatever art/subjects inspire me. If you have any questions, comments or advice, I’d love to hear from you. I do plan to present several workshops on topics pertaining to design, production and social media marketing. Have already written several sections and am putting together a plan and schedule. As soon as these are ready, I’ll be posting dates, prices, etc. Thinking about starting a separate blog just for this.

Here’s a link to my ‘new’ Moonlight Graphics website. Check the View Portfolios to see samples of the some of the projects I’ve produced. Let me know if you have any ideas, leads, connections? I appreciate any/all networking connections and promise to pay it forward.

Organic Coffee Art great conversation starter…

Dryspill #1

I’m a serious, morning coffee type. Freshly ground (at home) Starbucks French Roast

with steamed milk and a touch of cinnamon..ahhh my favorite!

Without that first cup… I shudder to even consider the possibilities!


At some point, I started noticing the intriguing images created from the drips that remained when I’d finished

pouring the life-giving, rich, deep-brown morning elixir into my favorite cup. There, on my stovetop, between the circular patterns of the electric coils… (by the way, as soon as I can, I’ll install gas instead and my friends can laugh again when my daughter and I bbq hot dogs over the gas flames) …were graphic images, dried old coffee spills that looked like…

coffee creatures?!? Something to be photographed and, of course… turned into art!

Prints of old, spilled coffee. Sometimes several days of spills melded together because I knew it could be a better image

with just a little more… spill.


My teenage daughter just rolled her eyes – an all too frequent response to many of my creative projects.


Dryspells – usually implied for writers block.?

Certainly applicable to artist blocks or anytime you’re drained of creative ideas…


a dry spell? …a Dry Spill!


Here are three of the Dryspills:







and you can see all 9 at:  http://www.plant-spirits.com/dryspills.html


Go ahead, add your comments. Coffee and conversation is what this art is all about!

What do the dryspills look like to you? What’s your first thought?

Have fun with this. I’m hoping for some creative insight into my favorite caffeine addiction.

certainly coffee is one of the most popular  ‘Nature’s Energy’ drinks 😉