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Organic Coffee Art great conversation starter…

Dryspill #1

I’m a serious, morning coffee type. Freshly ground (at home) Starbucks French Roast

with steamed milk and a touch of cinnamon..ahhh my favorite!

Without that first cup… I shudder to even consider the possibilities!


At some point, I started noticing the intriguing images created from the drips that remained when I’d finished

pouring the life-giving, rich, deep-brown morning elixir into my favorite cup. There, on my stovetop, between the circular patterns of the electric coils… (by the way, as soon as I can, I’ll install gas instead and my friends can laugh again when my daughter and I bbq hot dogs over the gas flames) …were graphic images, dried old coffee spills that looked like…

coffee creatures?!? Something to be photographed and, of course… turned into art!

Prints of old, spilled coffee. Sometimes several days of spills melded together because I knew it could be a better image

with just a little more… spill.


My teenage daughter just rolled her eyes – an all too frequent response to many of my creative projects.


Dryspells – usually implied for writers block.?

Certainly applicable to artist blocks or anytime you’re drained of creative ideas…


a dry spell? …a Dry Spill!


Here are three of the Dryspills:







and you can see all 9 at:  http://www.plant-spirits.com/dryspills.html


Go ahead, add your comments. Coffee and conversation is what this art is all about!

What do the dryspills look like to you? What’s your first thought?

Have fun with this. I’m hoping for some creative insight into my favorite caffeine addiction.

certainly coffee is one of the most popular  ‘Nature’s Energy’ drinks 😉