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Venus retrograde… emerging feminine energy!

Venus is visible above Earths moon, which is illuminated solely by light reflected from Earth. Because of Venus nearness to Earth and the way its clouds reflect sunlight, it appears to be the brightest planet in the night sky. Photograph courtesy NASA.

Venus is visible above Earth's moon, which is illuminated solely by light reflected from Earth. Because of Venus' nearness to Earth and the way its clouds reflect sunlight, it appears to be the brightest planet in the night sky. Photograph courtesy NASA.

Many of my friends and I often make the comment, “Oh, it must be retrograde” in reference to whatever challenges we are experiencing on a particular day… not truly grasping the meaning of our words. For the past 10 years, Eric Francis’ writings have been my all time favorite astrological interpretations and explanations. In today’s entry, as always, he provides insight to some global and very personal changes that we are presently experiencing, giving clarity to why we attribute challenging experiences to ‘retrograde’.

Eric Francis, founder, editor and publisher of Planet Waves

Eric Francis, founder, editor and publisher of Planet Waves

excerpted from Planet Waves Daily Astrology & Adventure (Eric Francis)

[Today (April 3, 2009), Venus retrograde is in an exact square to Pluto, inching her way toward the Aries Point. The square was exact at 6:21 am ET and because Venus is slow and powerful …(more here)

On one level, Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) is about blowing through the ludicrous ‘traditions’ we live with in our society. Many of those are expressions of stoic, stodgy, joyless and blatantly boring Christian and capitalist values.

Remember that Christianity was foisted upon society along with the murder of the sacred Vodan trees, the slaughter of Mother God, the spilling of an ocean of human blood and the sacrifice of thousands of women as alleged witches, along with many of their cats. After that a real measure of docility could be counted on, but if you ask me it’s never really been complacent.

We don’t know exactly what this New Order replaced, but pre-Christian rituals such as Beltane suggest strongly that there was a more equal emphasis on maleness and femaleness as collaborative, complimentary energies and as attributes of nature.

It is the core of that female self that we are now in a process of dialing in and attempting to recover and explore. This can be lonely; the poignancy of emotional birthing can often discover itself as alone first. But here is the really interesting part: The Aries Point (the first degree of Aries) is involved. As individual and private as this experience feels, it’s widespread, collective and ultimately a public phenomenon. The Aries Point is that place where every private reality adds up to what we all share and must contend with, and where collective movements of society influence the consciousness of an individual. This is not theory. All you have to do is look.] (Read more at Planet Waves Daily Astrology & Adventure)

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from yours truly
, Debra Cortese: Yesterday, I watched Michelle Obama as she spoke to the young ladies of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in London. Soft tears of joy welled up as I listened to her telling the girls to believe in their dreams, education and most importantly, that they do have the power to control their own destiny!  We all do and as I now know, challenges are life’s opportunities to learn, share, and grow.

First Lady, Michelle Obama inspiring London schoolgirls

First Lady, Michelle Obama inspiring London schoolgirls

click image above and line below to see 2 different videos of
Michelle Obama speaking to London schoolgirls 

It is time for the feminine energy to re-emerge…
our planet, our lives are ready and waiting for this.

Emerging Sylph re-emergence of the feminine energies

"Emerging Sylph"

see larger view of this painting here

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Eric Francis’ Planet Waves Astrology Celebrating 10 years

I’ve been a fan of Planet Waves since I first read Eric’s astrology column in the Chronogram, an excellent paper then published in New Paltz, NY and I believe it is now based in Kingston and that Eric has also relocated there. (I also lived in that Hudson Valley area from ’98 -02 and still feel the energy of the mountains as a longing to return to some place or feeling, yet to be named)

Eric Francis Planet Waves Astrologer

Eric Francis Planet Waves Astrologer

At the time, I assumed he’d been writing it for many years so, today, when I received a planet waves message celebrating its 10th year, it all sort of melded. 1998 was a time of major personal change for me, and I’ve been following Planet Waves almost uninterrupted throughout the last 10 years. My subscription had lapsed in the past year, so much happening, I’m often on ‘reading’ overload, and there are so many other things that … wait, didn’t I just tell myself this morning how important it is to make time for the things I enjoy? I realized that the connection, information and insight that I receive from each Planet Waves article or astrology reading far outweighs the cost in time or money. So, today, I gave myself the gift of a renewed subscription to Planet Waves 🙂

Thank you Eric and everyone at Planet Waves for being part of and adding a unique perspective to my journey during the past 10 years. I’m enthusiastically looking forward to our future stories of hope, achievements, and living on our healthy, joyful planet. Sharing the Magic of Nature’s Energy….each in our own creative waves…