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29 Miami artists participating in Art Marketing Salon


MANO & Cuqui in front of the first phase of MANOs series Blood Lines.

MANO & Cuqui in front of the first phase of MANO’s new series Blood Lines.

Mano Fine Art

Coconut Grove, Florida, April 2009, Renaissance poet John Donne wrote, “No man is an island.” This famous line illustrates humanity’s need to connect with one another and artists are no exception to that truism, says art-marketing consultant Alyson B. Stanfield. Yet convincing artists of the benefits of reaching out and tapping into the collective energy to be found with other artists can be challenging.

“In general, artists prefer to be alone,” says Stanfield. “They can be resistant to getting out of their studios, meeting other artists and people in general. Yet those who do these things have an easier time selling their work.”

To help artists grow beyond that resistance and as part of her ongoing mission to give back to the creative community she loves, Stanfield created Art Biz Connection at artbizconnection.com, a Web site offering a downloadable program free of charge that takes the stimulus found in group process and puts it to practical use. On the site Stanfield encourages artists to use a structured nine-meeting program in which they design their own marketing plans in a safe, group-centered environment.

Stanfield likens the groups to the salons of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, lively gatherings where ideas were exchanged among artists and writers. Some of the more famous salons, such at the one led by Gertrude Stein, went on to nourish influential visual and literary artists like Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

Calling the groups “salons” in deference to the artistic tradition of meeting and sharing ideas is intentional says Stanfield. “No other word has the same connotation. Exciting things have happened throughout history when artists join forces and use their connections and communities as building blocks to share ideas.”

To give Art Biz Connection salons impetus and structure, Stanfield urges artists to gather on a regular basis and download each portion of the nine-meeting plan from the Web site. While the process methodically covers the formation of a comprehensive marketing plan, there is a real bonus in developing a bond with an empathetic support group capable of providing advice, motivation and pushing the boundaries of creative thought.Â

Stanfield launched the program in June of 2005 and reports, as of January 2006, more than 50 salons across the U.S., Canada are already organized and meeting, with more forming every day. It has even reach across the Atlantic, with a recent salon starting up in the United Kingdom.

South Miami artist, Debra Cortese, who specializes in Nature’s Energy art and design, is facilitating this art salon because she was so impressed after taking Alyson’s art business course online last year. “I’ve wanted to put this together ever since I learned that Alyson offered this marketing salon for free to art groups and it’s taken me over a year, but I’m very excited. We have over 16 artists registered and I can just feel the creative energy and ideas already!”


Angel, Gnome and Tomatoes, photopainting by Debra Cortese

Angel, Gnome and Tomatoes, photopainting by Debra Cortese

Annamaria Windisch-Hunt, of Windisch-Hunt Fine Art in Coconut Grove is hosting the salons. Cortese tells us ” Annamaria was instrumental in getting me to commit to this project. She had also read Alyson’s book “I’d Rather Be In The Studio” and when she offered the gallery space to the group, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

Blue Show entry at Windisch-Hunt Fine Arts

Blue Show entry at Windisch-Hunt Fine Arts

Stanfield envisions an ever-widening circle of salons crisscrossing the nation, creating incubators for artists and most of all ensuring that no artist is left to face daunting endeavors alone. “I want artists to know they are part of a larger community of artists with a strong, proud history. If salon participants stick with this program, by the last meeting they’ll have a viable marketing plan and a roadmap for success,” says Stanfield. “And if they decide to keep meeting after that, the potential is limitless.” Â

Stanfield, based in Golden, Colorado, is the president of Stanfield Art Associates, Inc., an art-marketing consulting firm. As an artists’ advocate and coach, she helps artists promote themselves and build their businesses through classes, workshops, publications, individual consultations, and a free weekly newsletter. Her newsletter has more than 2,000 subscribers and in the past three years more than 800 artists have attended her lectures, classes, and workshops. Her clients come from every state except North Dakota and span the globe, hailing from Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Ireland. Prior to starting her own business, Stanfield worked for ten years as a curator and educator in art museums. She writes regularly about art for publications such as American Craft and Sculptural Pursuit.

For more information and an online media kit, go to www.artbizconnection.com/mediakit.

NOTE: Miami Art Salon Artists
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Irina Patterson, Balloon Artist, Coconut Grove, FL

Mangifera sp. - Red Mangos  botanical painting by Pauline Goldsmith

Mangifera sp. – Red Mangos botanical painting by Pauline Goldsmith


Pauline Goldsmith, Tropical Botanic Artist

Pauline Goldsmith, Tropical Botanic Artist


Natures Energy handbags, art and me (Debra Cortese) at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Taste of the Garden event

Nature’s Energy handbags, art and me (Debra Cortese) at Miami Beach Botanical Garden’s Taste of the Garden event

Handcrafted Jewelry by Jennifer

Handcrafted Jewelry by Jennifer

Free Art Marketing Salon for Miami area artists

UPDATE: 4.6.09 This workshop is full. To learn about future presentations or for any questions relating to marketing your art, please send an email to: artmarketing@debracortese.com  

About a year and a half ago, I signed up for an online workshop with Art Biz Coach, Alyson Stanfield. It was one of the best business investments I’ve made for my art career.
I’m now interested in furthering my own marketing efforts and believe that ‘you teach best that which you need to learn’, so I have arranged to facilitate an Art Marketing Salon (content provided by Ms. Stanfield, art business coach and author of “I’d Rather Be In The Studio”).

<em>Alyson Stanfields book, Id Rather Be In The Studio</em>

Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery will host this Art Salon at 2911 Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove, FL. There will be 8 workshops which will run weekly beginning the first week in April – on either Tuesday evenings, or Sat mornings depending on the majority consensus of participating artists. A 9th session – art exhibit will be scheduled at the gallery as a closing celebration of the salon.

Click this link to Alyson’s website which provides more details about the Art Marketing Salon and Why It’s FREE!

Class is limited to 16 artists (visual, music, dance, theatre, writing, etc.). Registration ends on March 24th or as soon as I have 16 confirmed registrations. PLEASE be serious about your art business and commitment to participating in this group.

If you choose to join this art marketing salon, let me know if you prefer to meet on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm, (April 7 – May 26) or Saturday mornings from 9 to 11 am (April 11 – May 30).
Once I have a consensus, I will notify all registered artists and send out information for our first session.

If you have any further questions after reading through Alyson’s website, please send them to me at: artmarketing@debracortese.com

& Why its free info click here 

REGISTER click here

Best Regards and Much Success in Your Art Business!

Debra Cortese

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ART MARKETING SALON INFO provided by Alyson Stanfield-Art Biz Coach

Cortese Design Bags on the catwalk tonight in RESORT SHOW


Natures Energy Cortese Design Totes, Laptop Bags, Beach Totes, Backpacks

Nature's Energy Cortese Design Totes, Laptop Bags, Beach Totes, Backpacks

 Classic Totebag by Cortese Designs features Natures Energy Dracena II Reflections Design

Classic Totebag by Cortese Designs features Nature’s Energy “Dracena II Reflections” Design

Cortese Design Bags

TONIGHT, February 28th, 2009
Fashion Industry Insiders presents
“Emerging Designers to watch in 2009”
at the RESORT SHOWin Hollywood, Florida at Mix Ultra Lounge. Event starts at 6pm, Fashion Show begins at 8!

See all FII Emerging Designers at RESORT SHOW Feb. 26th, Hollywood, Florida


Join Fashion Industry Insiders (FII) on Thursday, Feb 26 from 6pm – 10pm for a preview of the Spring lines from the FII “Designer To Watch”!

Prior to the show, enjoy appetizers, a free drink and mixing with new & old friends at Mix Ultra Lounge in Hollywood. 

For the show, we’ll be opening with Betty Bangs Swimwear, mixing it up with the resort designs of Doni Designs, Eliane, Elite Clothing, Float Designs, Olivia Lucas, Passeig Barcelona and closing out the show is the European Swimwear line by Miranda M with a surprize finale! 

Our jewelry & accessory designers include: Barbara Brunton, Belle Pour la Vie, Celestial Designs, Cortese Designs, Fevi Reyes Designs, Romaly and highlighting Gem Couture with their lavish diamond pieces! 

Gem Couture will also have several pieces on the Red Carpet at the Oscars!!!! A magnificant line that you don’t want to miss!

Entertaining our guests prior & during the show will be the free-style dance moves of a few of South Florida’s hottest performers!

Door prizes, valued $50-$500, include: select pieces from some of our designers, mobile web site, luxury facial, personal training package, tanning package, and more!

Complimentary appetizers and 1 free drink!

Tickets are just $15 at the door!!

Please give us your RSVP, here, so we can be sure to have enough food! Lets Bring The House Down!!! 

Mixer & appetizers begin at 6pm, Show begins at 8pm. Don’t be late!

Dress is Fashionably Chic. Magazines will be strolling for social pics, so be sure to dress the part!

Click on the link or model photo below for full information and to reserve your seat for this premiere fashion event!



Gorgeous model sharing the magic of nature emanating from her Cortese Design Tree Deva Classic Tote!

Gorgeous model sharing the magic of nature emanating from her Cortese Design Tree Deva Classic Tote!

See all of my Cortese Design Bags at https://www.debracortese.com/cortesedesigns.html

FII names “Designers to Watch, Spring 2009

In early January, the Fashion Industry Insiders held a casting call to review the work of various member designers and the turn out was outstanding! Designers were critiqued on quality, design, being on-trend, and wearability. While castings were being held, FII members had the chance to network among themselves, exchanging ideas and admiring each others’ work.

The designers chosen from this casting are the official “FII Designers To Watch.” As part of a new FII initiative, twice a year (Spring and Fall), member designers will be chosen to participate in this elite group, leading up to the year-end “FII Designer of the Year.” The two groups of designers will have the opportunity to participate in an FII-produced fashion show at a local venue, presenting specific pieces of their lines to their peers, buyers, media and clients. Our goal is to provide a platform for our designers to launch a full-scale business. This initial platform will offer exposure and open doors to magazine editorials, new industry contacts, purchase orders and the ability to grow to the next step of their career. The designer who best takes advantage of these opportunities and continues to grow as a designer, as well as in their business, will have the potential to become the “FII Designer of the Year.” This title is given to the member who best exemplifies quality artistry with a mix of business saavy.

Congratulations to our Designers To Watch, Spring 2009

Apparel: (brand name – designer or member)
Miranda M – Margarita Miranda, Brazilian swimwear
Olivia Lucas – Miriam Carnase, resort
Voluptuous You – Desiree Fleming, plus size resort
Doni Designs – Diana Moyet, evening resort
Eliane – Stephanie Camputaro (Sales Rep), resort
Passeig Barcelona – Sara Martinez, resort
Float Designs – Ramona Senese, resort
Elite Clothing – Jared Braverman, graphic tees

Accessories and Jewelry:
Romaly – Pilar Rodriguez
Cortese Designs – Debra Cortese
Gem Couture Inc. – Melody Saleh
Fevi Reyes Designs – Fevi Reyes
Belle Pour La Vie – Eva Estime’-Polynice, Yvette Estime`
Celestial Designs – Sofia Amadi
Barbara Brunton

Designers to Watch, Spring 2009 Fashion Show

Designers to Watch, Spring 2009 Fashion Show

Please join us on Thursday evening, February 26th at the “FII Designers to Watch, Spring 2009” Resort Show. Appetizers and mingling start at 6:00pm; show starts at 8:00pm. Mix Ultra Lounge, Hollywoods newest Martini Bar, will be hosting this event and offering guests free appetizers and one free drink. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. FII members and their guests can RSVP at www.meetup.com/Fashion-Insiders. Non-members can RSVP by emailing: fashioncouncil@msn.com