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Artists helping each other

Realizing more and more how important and rewarding is to network with fellow artists/designers. In addition to attending as many local art and fashion events as can realistically fit into my schedule, I read and follow artists and art business coaches. Here are a couple of my favorites and their current resources and insights:

Art Licensing artist and entrepreneur, Tara Reed posted an article on her blog today that networks on many levels: ‘Any artists interested in free money?” Click here to read the “Any artists interested in free money?” post and learn more about networking, affiliate programs and grant money for artists.

Art Biz Coach, Alyson Stanfield is posting a series of articles titled: “The first 4 steps towards selling your art.” Alyson continues to provide timeless and useful art marketing information. Her blog and website is chock full of resources, tips and I highly recommend you get her book, “I’d Rather Be In The Studio”.

Please add your comments on your favorite artists helping artists!

Have a great day…