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Flower of Life connections and creative inspiration

I’ve been thoroughly entranced with Flower of Life throughout this year and when I think back, this has been with me forever. Flower of Life is the ultimate representation of the powerful, core elements of life.

When you can truly know the visible and underlying structures of our universe, Flower of Life is the basis of source energy that connects every thing we can see and imagine: tangible physical things, thoughts, relationships, events. Flower of Life is smaller than the smallest known element and is capable of expanding into entire universes – to infinity and beyond. Every structure of sacred geometry can be found by connecting points within the Flower of Life. This is my current favorite aspect of it. I anticipate a long and progressive relationship with this powerful energy and know it has many more secrets to share. It is a process of learning, accepting and cultivating the properties that are aligned with the work I love and using the energy of Flower of Life to create and share life stories. It connects every thing and every one.

We are only limited by our beliefs. Imagination and focus are key elements to be all we desire. Our ultimate, true power lies within our hearts and our thoughts. I’ve had FOCUS as my personal keyword for several years. It continues to challenge and remind me to stay on the path that is the most joyful and inspiring one for the highest good of all.

I have so much in my head as I write this, but want to keep these posts somewhat focused and hopefully interesting. Your comments are always welcomed especially because our relationships are vital to the expansion of who we are all becoming.

And… of course I have new Flower of Life designs to share 🙂

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Favorite books, programs, and resources.

I’ve been updating my blog for several hours today and although you can’t tell from this post, most of the work has been adding my favorite resources to the sidebar on the right side of this blog ->

I read voraciously, every day and no matter how tired I am at night, I am not content until I read at least a paragraph before falling off to sleep. Usually have a minimum of 3 books going at once. The material is mostly self help, improvement, how to, tech stuff. I’m addicted to learning – about plants, nature, environment, animals, design, art and business, SEO, meditations, spirituality, health, exercise, etc. I do love reading fantasy and am a fan of anything that involves imagination, magical creatures and happy endings. 

So, with this in mind, I started to inquire about becoming an affiliate for the books, programs and products that I recommend. Now, when I share information about a book that Hay House publishes, and it’s one you are interested in buying, I’ll be earning a small percentage as an affiliate. You pay the same price and I get paid for sharing things that I enjoy. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few weeks working on setting up the affiliate accounts, so I’m in this for the long term. I’ll let you know how it successful it is as we go along.

In the meantime, enjoy a free do-it-yourself TAROT Reading, signup for free “Thoughts from the Universe” – daily positive, witty writings from Mike Dooley.

If you’re shopping for school supplies, Amazon has great sales on Back-to-School essentials, and college specific supplies. You can even order the latest KINDLE reader at Amazon and I’ll get an affiliate credit. Same price and you’ll be helping an artist support her family 😉

I’ll be adding more to this section as I continue to learn more about my favorite subjects. If you have a product or program that fits any of my topics, or if you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please share in the comments section and hopefully, we can all help each other on many levels.

Have a great day and enjoy the magic of nature!!!

Inspired again by Seth Godin

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Imagine Miami…

view from MDC Wolfson Campus rooftop

    -view from Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus rooftop during Imagine Miami Summit   

A day of arts, culture and civic engagement programs and possibilities in Miami and worldwide. I attended this gathering on Saturday (2/16/08) because I knew it would be an amazing group of people to network with and perhaps to learn of at least one community project that would speak to my heart.
Earthman, Chief Nathaniel Styles, Imagine Miami Director, Corrina Moebius        
Earthman, Chief Nathaniel Styles and Imagine Miami Director, Corrina Moebius 

Within the first 10 minutes, I knew this was so much more. The summit started off with performance artist, Octavio Campos getting everyone on their feet, crossing imagined boundaries and opening minds to all that would be presented throughout the day long event. Corinna Moebius, the vivacious Director of Imagine Miami introduced the first speaker, Barbara Schaffer-Bacon, a co-director of Animating Democracy (Americans for the Arts).  Barbara shared several examples of arts-based civic projects that demonstrated the powerful impact these types of projects have on communities all over the planet. The presentations, speakers, organizations and ideas flowed and expanded throughout the day and I anticipate will continue as we absorb all of this energy, choose our collaborations and move forward. This is just another example of the power of shared visions and energy. Once again confirming for me that I am in the right place at the right time.