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The Honey Queen detail of painting by Debra Cortese

detail of "The Honey Queen" painting by Debra Cortese

The 3rd and final Opening Reception for the TRIAD ART Exhibition with Debra Cortese, Karen Deilke and Pamela Palma is on Saturday, July 21st at VALMAR ART, 4150 SW 74th CT (in the Bird Road Art District), Miami, FL 33155.

Debra Cortese is exhibiting her new series titled, “Seeds of Intention”. Each piece is based on variations of a Flower of Life pattern and represents a positive meditation for the future of humanity in cooperation with nature’s energy.

“The Honey Queen” painting honors one of the smallest and most significant creatures on our planet, the bee. Cortese has dedicated this painting to long-time beekeeper, Mike Price of Bees-n-the-Keys as well as other compassionate beekeepers in Miami and all around the world.

Coconut Grove artist (and Founder of the Coconut Grove Drum Circle), Karen Deilke is exhibiting her vibrant and expressive “Hot Tropics” paintings.

Miami Beach artist, Pamela Palma is exhibiting her evocative fiber art works that incorporate uncommon materials including shredded one-hundred dollar bills, the delicious color interactions of hand dyed yarns, and textural elements.

Live Blues with Miami guitarist, Rob Moore – all at VALMAR ART during the monthly Bird Road Art Walk on Saturday, July 21st starting at 7 pm.

Triad invitation with more details here.

Valmar Art, 4150 SW 74th Ct, Miami, FL 33155

TOTEM ANIMALS – What are they saying?

Manatee Waters #3














I have realized that over the past couple of years,

that I’ve been honored by some very personal contact

with the energy of several animal totems:

Dog, Honey Bee, Baltimore Oriole, Iguana, Cat

and Manatee have all visited me in ways that

speak loudly of energy I can not ignore. 


I’m a nature lover (you can tell that instantly

from my art, and I believe in an energy that

connects everyone and everything.

Even though I am often caught up in the all

too human game of ‘too busy, too much to do,

not enough time’, I know when to stop, to pause…

and listen with my heart. So, when an animal or new

plant comes into my life, especialy in a brash or unusual

way, when it arrives with such an impact that

I must notice its presence… I acknowledge that I am to

pay attention to the message of this particular energy.


Over the years, I have always relied on the insight of

“Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews.

Here you can read about ‘The spiritual and magical powers

of creatures great and small’. This is an excellent resource

for animal energies. For plants, I’ve come to rely mostly on

my intuition. Since my art has centered around the devas,

nature’s energy for so long, I am able to sense and know their

messages for me. If I am not clear though, I will often

go to my library. Some of my favorite plant reference books are:

Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan, Audubon Society and

Peterson Field Guides, American Medicinal Plants,

The Magic and Medicine of Plants, Native American

Animal Stories by Joseph Bruchac, and The Wise Woman books

and volumes of information from Susun Weed.


I’ll be posting some of the stories and more of the related

art in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear about

your experiences with animal and plant totems.


Here’s a link to see a larger view of Manatee Waters #3