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New Spring Bags feature ‘Orchid’ – Pantone’s color of the year

I was definitely inspired by Pantone’s choice for Color of the Year, Orchid, which is a blend of mauve-rose-purple-pinks. I knew I had a Vanda Orchid image with these very colors and so, one of the new spring bag designs features an actual Vanda Orchid image, complete with spring greenery in the background.

Since I’m very focused on creating designs and art that incorporate the ancient and powerful Flower of Life, this pattern is also included within the two new spring designs.

I’m testing a new marketing strategy and am limiting the production of the Vanda Orchid and Sensuous Orchid Black Flower of Life designs on Cross-Body Hipster bags to only 200 of each design. This may be a terrific incentive or a total flop, but I won’t know unless I put it out there. Let me know if you have any opinions on this by commenting on this post, by sharing on commenting via the Facebook or other social media links below, or via email to me at debra at debracortese dot com.

To see larger images and full details of any of the new bags, just click the main image.

Welcome Spring…. please arrive soon!


NEW Wild Creature “Mink, Leopard & Zebra” Faux Fur Prints by Debra Cortese Designs

click here for Faux Fur Design Hipster Bags by Debra Cortese Designs


Finally got the new Wild Creature Collection started and am very happy to say no animals were, or will ever be harmed to create these new hipster bags!

Click on any of the images for full information on the bags and place your order by this Friday, April 20 if you want it for a Mother’s Day Gift!


WILD CREATURE FAUX FUR designs on Hipster Bags by Debra Cortese Designs

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Mink, Leopard & Zebra prints for iPhone 4 slider covers, laptop skins and shower curtains in my Cafepress shop.

Spring Cleaning, Renovations and a new ‘Aloe Greens’ design

Here’s the latest Nature’s Energy Design to match the Aloe Greens header.
The repeat pattern is created from an area of the header image.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve planned to redesign and organize my webpages. Well, finally realized it is not going to happen all at once, and… it is going to be an ongoing process. So, that said, I’m boldly and/or foolishly going ahead and working on this live and exposed. Comments (constructive criticism please) are welcomed. I’ll be trying out new header images as well as backgrounds and playing with widgets, plugins and learning as I go. What else is new?

Mother’s Day SALE new Art Deco Flamingo Bags

Just listed these new Art Deco 7 Flamingo Designs and there’s not much time to get them delivered by Mother’s Day, but you can always give Mom a gift certificate and she can choose her own 😉
Mother’s Day SALE includes one Casual Tote Bag and a matching clutch purse for the price of the Tote Bag alone! Available in Flamingo Pinks, Tropical Greens and Mango, or Miami Blues.
Click on the image or here for more info and to order your bags today!
If you prefer to order by phone, call me at: 305.298.2023
Please share this with everyone who has a Mom 🙂

WANTED: partners, reps, collaborators

to expand custom art/design business. Nature’s Energy art
and custom designs for business, organizations, special events,
fundraisers, for your boutique fashion shop, for hotel gift shops,
for island resort and garden specialty shops.

Especially seeking self-motivated, entrepreneurial business manager,
and sales professionals.

partnerships                                        Cortese Designs Golden Bronze Orchids Casual Tote Bag

I need your help!
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