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In the Pet Category…Tattooed Tough Guys

Rescue Ink - tattoed tough guys saving animals
My sister sent me a link to “Rescue Ink” and I’m not sure if you have to be a New Yorker type to appreciate this, but it is definitely worth a visit if you are a pet and animal lover. What a great presentation and great work these guys are doing! Biagi is a friend of Diane’s (my sister) and she’s been rescuing animals her entire life thus far. Way to go Di! It runs in the family… must be something those Italian grandmothers put in our food 😉

Read more about Rescue Ink in this April 12, 2008 Newsday article.
Be sure to click on the link for more photos – guaranteed to bring a smile.

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Nature Spirits…

Orchid Angel painting detailDevas, elementals, angels, fairies, gnomes, plant and nature spirits – almost every culture throughout history shares stories and beliefs of the existence of life forms that are non-human in terms of the physical presence we are accustomed to ‘seeing’.The energy of all living things can be perceived through any of our human senses and is usually more pronounced through a particular sense depending upon an individual’s sensitivity. If you are visually oriented, it is more likely for you to see a nature spirit, and if your sense of smell is more acute, you may recognize the presence of a deva by a distinct smell.   The image here is a detail of the phaleonopsis orchid, one of my very first clear visual encounters.    You can a larger image and the full 30″ x 45″ painting here.  Orchid Angel shares the energy of nurturing, protection and healing in addition to the joy and warmth of her glorious golden colors. Combined with the mystery of  the deep, dark contrasting background color, she is a powerful and seductive presence. . 

Dracena inspired new artworks

Vibrant hues and shades of magenta in nature’s own dracena plant.

Give art to your Valentine and he/she will have a gift that

not only endures but enhances emotions and spirituality. 
The energy of love in the colors of nature!

Dracena Reflections 1

Dracena Reflections No. 1

click image for larger view 

Dracena Reflections 2






Dracena Reflections No. 2

click image for larger view



debra@debracortese.com for custom sizes on fine art paper or canvas. 

Does Attitude Affect Our Energy?

It’s only February and a lot of people have already decided to erase much of the past year from their thoughts. So many things we wanted to do and never got around to, goals and resolutions that didn’t quite turn out as we had hoped.

You might even be giving up on your hopes and resolutions for this year.

But, what if you choose to think about it from a different perspective?

Make a list of all of the things you DID accomplish last year. Same year, same you, only now, you’re acknowledging positive accomplishments.

Your energy shifts from discouraged to encouraged.

Positive energy is engaged and feels so much better!

I read about doing just this on one of the many business and self-improvement sites that I visit and was amazed at how much I actually did accomplish last year! I hope you will try this and let me know if it makes a difference in your energy.


Who we are and what we choose to do and be is powered by our core energy, our spirit, soul, divine power, God, chi… By whatever name you are familiar with, every human, animal, plant, tree, organism, and cell has a life force.

I’m a nature lover and a visual artist. For me, it is nature’s energy and what my art is all about.

In every image, my intention is to share the energy that I see and feel. Whether it’s a flower, leaf, sunset, the clouds, water, children, or animals, eveything/everyone has a vital vibration like an electrical current that ebbs and flows… dancing, singing, resting, playing, LIVING!

Since a picture is worth at least a thousand words, I’ll share a few of my latest images that can immediately give you a sense of the uplifting inherent ‘energy’ of each nature subject.

Manatee Waters #1

During an early January afternoon visit to the Deering Estate at Old Cutler, my friend, Paula and I encountered a pod of about six manatees. We watched and photographed them for almost two hours as they played, snorted, splashed and rested on this perfect winter day. Sure seemed like they were performing just for our entertainment!
Because of the angles of light and the constant ripples of the water, I did not get a recognizable manatee photo, however, this “Manatee Waters” artwork carries the delight and joy of their energy as well as the beauty and warmth of a glorious south florida day!

‘Manatee Waters” is available as a fine art print on paper or canvas in a range of sizes. It can also be custom printed and framed to complement any room or office decor. You can see a larger image and get all the details at:


MANATEES are an endangered species.

To learn how you can help them, visit: http://www.savethemanatee.org

NOTE: a portion of your purchase price of any Manatee artwork will be donated to Save The Mantee.org


View National Geographic manatee videos here:


the PEACE ART project

Rainbow Women World Peace Energy by Debra Cortese

It’s been just over a year since I first thought about curating a Miami/NY ‘peace’ art project. I have notes and emails where I contacted a gallery owner/artist/curator in NY about collaborating on this project. Assume she was overbooked or not interested at the time. Then a friend(?) commented, ‘It’s already been done.’, so I put it aside, but over the past several months it keeps coming back in an increasingly persistent voice, “So what if it’s already been done and there are already many peace organizations. Ours is definitely not a very peaceful or harmonious world and a peace project needs to be ongoing for as long as it takes – until the energy shifts, until we do live in a peaceful world.”

The original vision to involve all art mediums – visual, written, performance, film, video, came to me after a second reading of “Alice Walker’s piece on ‘The Pause”. This writing includes a reference to our imbalanced energies and reposes the question, “..when will the women say stop?” which relates to ‘John Perkins’ writing of the Shuar viewpoint on balance and the male/female relationship to each other and to MotherEarth.

However, in focusing on ‘stopping’ something that is undesirable, that would be giving energy to the negative aspects and therefore perpetuating the exact opposite of what is truly desired. (reference: Abraham-Hicks, Law of Attraction, The Secret, Power of Positive Thinking, etc.). SO… the focus must be on the desired and intended feeling/energy of PEACE for all humans, creatures, plants, the air, the trees, all of Nature. In sharing the positive ‘PEACE artworks’ of artists from all over our world, we focus our collective attention and creativity on the energy of the intended message – PEACE. When we are viewing, reading, hearing, seeing PEACE, then that is the energy we expand!  The PEACE artworks emit and share magical, healing, transforming energy.

I now realize this project must be much bigger than my original vision. To collaborate with one or a few galleries and artists is not enough. This must be a worldwide project, involving as many organizations and individuals as have the interest and intent to share this energy!

So, here is my ‘CALL TO ARTISTS’, organizations, businesses, individuals, schools, to our world. Let’s renew and revive the positive energy of a peaceful planet. I’m asking for your ideas and your participation. As of this writing, the Peace project is just emerging from the thought phase, however, as Mike Dooley will surely confirm, Thoughts become Things.

Let this be the communication vehicle where we share our ideas and talents. The PEACE Project needs your ideas, your experience, organizational component, logistics, budgets, financing, exhibition venues – a worldwide plan…

I welcome your comments and promise to update the PEACE artworks project as it develops.