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ART in BLOOM exhibit at DVAA

This was my first time exhibiting in the Annual Art in Bloom exhibition with the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance and I am still smiling after several days of absorbing the magnificent energy of art and flowers! Impressive and highly creative visual and floral art throughout the show. Because the floral interpretations are all created with LIVE flowers, the show was a short 3 days but I did take many photos and decided to share them so you can see that I am not overstating the creativity that went into all of the work.

CLICK on the images for larger views.

Here is a list of the participating artists and the floral designers that interpreted the work:

Mark Friedrichsen ART with Kristin Porter FLORAL
Debra Cortese ART with Cecilia Lamy FLORAL
Paul Plumadore ART with Carole Linkiewicz FLORAL
Daria Dorosh ART with Sharon Chopping FLORAL
Ellen Kantro ART with Claudine Luchsinger FLORAL
Brandi Merolla ART with Alison Peck FLORAL
Hanna Marritz ART with Mia & Joe Koerner FLORAL
Lenore Fiore Mills ART with Anne Manby FLORAL
Trix Render ART with Juliet Dunn FLORAL
Allan Rubin ART with Donna Marchesin FLORAL
Dasha Ziborova ART with Sandy Schrader FLORAL

Some of the photos are a bit fuzzy. It was opening night and my inner photographer was not fully cooperating – or she is just more attuned to taking pictures of nature subjects outdoors 😉

If you are the floral or visual artist for any of the images shown, let me know and I’ll add your name to the image and if you would like a copy, contact me by (email or phone).

Special thanks to Cecilia Lamy for the incredible floral interpretation she created for my “Fractal Deer Totems” and to Jane Luchsinger who curated the show and Rocky Pinciotti for sharing my work with Jane.



SUNY Sullivan Summer Art Courses at Narrowsburg Union

SUNY Sullivan INSPIREWORKS Art Institute Summer 2016 catalog cov

I’m very excited to participate in the first “INSPIREWORKS Art Institute” with SUNY Sullivan at the Narrowsburg Union!

INSPIREWORKS presents 23 Art Institute courses that SUNY Sullivan is presenting NOW – this summer into the fall at Narrowsburg Union in Narrowsburg, NY. As one of the 15 teaching artists*, I’ll be presenting  a leading edge, sacred geometry, law of attraction, power of positive thinking, adult coloring, meditative version of my Seeds of Intention workshop. You can sign up for either Saturday, August 6th or Saturday, September 10th, 2016. It is a 3 hour workshop from 1 to 4 pm and all of the materials are included in the course fee.

Click HERE or on the INSPIREWORKS image above for a pdf copy of the full INSPIREWORKS Art Institute brochure to see all of the courses and be sure to register early before the classes are sold out!

Seeds of Intention – course description:
This workshop combines the therapeutic benefits of music, meditation and coloring within the informational patterns of the universal Flower of Life. Yo will be guided to create a work of art that is energetically aligned with a relevant-to-you, career or personal goal. The final artwork, your unique SEED of INTENTION is a visual representation of having already achieved your goal and it functions as nourishment towards your success.

The image below is a Seed of Intention that I created to represent my goal to facilitate the most enjoyable and authentic Seed of Intention workshop for myself and all participants:



*list of INSPIREWORKS Art Institute Summer 2016 teaching artists: Linda Bastian, Debra Cortese, Daria Dorosh, Chip Forelli, Tom Holmes, Ramona Jan, Jim Kingston, Mitch Lewis, Brandi Merolla, Susan Miller, Helena Clare Pittman, Devin Dwight Richardson, Natalie Sauer, Carol Smith, Elaine Cardella-Tedesco.