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EMERALD, Pantone’s Color of 2013 – aligned with global energy shift

I’m very excited to see that Pantone’s color of the year for 2013 is one of my absolute favorites – EMERALD!

I have designs in dozens and dozens of shades and hues of green, because to me, Green is the color that represents the ultimate beauty, power and magic of nature and, if you are familiar with any of my work, you already know that 99% of my art and designs are based on nature 🙂

Green is also the color of the heart chakra, one of the primary energy centers of every human body. According to the information that I’ve been studying on the Flower of Life, the heart chakra is the major energy element responsible for the shift in consciousness that our world is already engaged in. The world is not ending, it is expanding and as the collective consciousness embraces more and more of the energy-thoughts-beliefs of a heart-based, community oriented society, our world will evolve and become the physical representation of these beliefs. If you’re interested in learning more about this shift in consciousness I recommend the following resources:

Hay House and Hay House Radio
Planet Waves Astrology ~ Eric Francis Coppolino
The Flower of Life ~ Drunvalo Melchezidek
The Spirit Science ~ entertaining video interpretations of Flower of Life information
Abraham-Hicks – The Law of Attraction

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Custom art and designs for Bromeliad Society

I’ve been working with a few friends who are members of the South Florida Bromeliad Society on new designs that feature bromeliads done in my nature’s energy style. The designs will be licensed for t-shirts, hats, magnets, aprons, tote bags and quite a few other products that can then be used for promoting the organization, bromeliads and also for fundraising. This is my favorite kind of art project because I get to create nature art, use my graphic design skills, see my work on all sorts of products and get paid for creating something I love doing!!! Oh and did I mention collaborating with great clients too?

Here are two samples of what we’re working on: