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Art Licensing information

I’ve been learning with artist, Tara Reed and she has partnered with Paul Brent. Today, I’m working on updating and improving my art for licensing web pages and listening to Tara’s interview with Paul Brent.

It’s a free online audio file and every time I listen, I get another piece of information that is moving me forward. I’ll be contacting a very special referral next week and my web pages must be in tip top shape for this! SAMPLE FLOWERS AND TREES ART PAGE HERE

Listen & Learn to license your art at AskPaulBrent.com

Learn more about coaching with artist, Paul Brent

Art and Design Licensing info for artists

Wrapped up the Miami Art Marketing Salon last month with an exceptional group of over 20 Miami artists and, as promised to them and myself, I am now returning to my longtime goal of licensing my art and designs.
As I work on this, I’m also documenting resources and experiences so that I can share with fellow artists in the fall. Still not sure how this will come together, but know it will happen!

To begin, I’m in the final stage of getting my images together, appropriately sized, and online on a new section of my website: AFL Art for Licensing by Debra Cortese. Still a lot of tweaking to do, but the basics are in place. I’m definitely interested in creating custom art and design because that is what stimulates my creativity the most, plus, I believe this is the ideal combination for creating work that sells products for the manufacturer (or licensee). As the artist, I’m called the licensor.

I have many years of experience in graphic design, advertising and marketing from my running my own agency in Northern Vermont, but the licensing field has its own structure and while my experience is definitely an advantage, I still need to learn all I can from artists that are already licensing their work.
Tara Reed and Paul Brent are two that I am most impressed with. In addition to licensing her own work, Tara offers many resources on her blog and website that I highly recommend. Her writing is clear, concise and very attuned to artists.

I’ll be writing on this at least once a week and if you have any questions, please post in the comments section. AND…I’d love to hear from other artists about your experiences licensing art!

Green Horned Caterpillar Whispers in Shrek’s Clay Ear

Green Horned Caterpillar Whispers in Shrek\'s Clay Ear
This little charicature of a critter (Green Horned Caterpillar) and his family decimated at least one of my tomato plants. Apparently Tomato leaves are their favorite food. Just before I released him (far from my garden site) he posed with the Shrek chia head that adorns my basil pot.
More evidence that Mother Nature has a good sense of humor and is an excellent artist!

BELOW: my Nature’s Energy artwork of the tomatoe-leaf-eating Green Horned Caterpillar.
Green Horned Caterpillar Close Up - Nature\'s Energy Art by Debra Cortese 4.08

What wonderful sights and sounds are in your yard? 

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Enjoy the Magic! 


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 Sunni the neighborhood iguana spent several days high in my royal poinciana tree until his weight finally overpowered the treetop branches and I believe he came crashing down… and hopefully ran off to a more stable perch. No evidence that he was injured. larger images at: www.debracortese.com/iguana.htmlglorious iguana sunning in my poinciana tree