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Dare To Share – Lisa Marie Platske UPSIDE THINKING

Aqua Affair custom design bags by Debra Cortese

Transitions - the newest custom Cortese design for The Aqua Foundation


Finishing up my preparations and packing for tonight’s Dare To Share event in Coral Gables, Florida where I’m not only participating in this high energy business networking event, I’m also exhibiting my line of Cortese Design Bags. I’m hoping to meet fellow  entrepreneurs who would benefit from a custom design for their business and, potential business partners who are interested in taking advantage of all kinds of joint ventures!

Dare To Share is just one of Lisa Marie Platske’s leading-edge business events. You can learn more about her work at UPSIDE THINKING.

If I don’t get to see you at tonight’s event, visit www.cortesedesignbags.com and let’s talk about a custom design for your business or special event!

Call me at 305-298-2023 or email:  debra (at) cortesedesignsbags.com


Custom Designed Cortese Bags to be auctioned March 26th during “A Night In Bollywood”, the annual fundraising event for Sunil’s Home Orphanage

I’m thoroughly into the vortex/aligned with my muse/in the flow when I’m creating
custom designs that will ultimately benefit children, animals and our environment.
That said, shown here are my newest designs for Sunil’s Home Orphanage.

Nature’s Energy ‘Lilac, Lotus, Lilies’ design in spring greens and lavenders and
‘The Children’ are both exclusively designed for Coral Gables’ most exotic,
over-the-top, fundraising event of the year – “A Night In Bollywood”!

The hosts of this annual event, Matthew Meehan and Rod Hildebrant go all out
to present a fabulous night of glamour,  fine dining, and spectacular entertainment!
Last year’s Bollywood featured exotic animals, a colorful variety of talented dancers,
acrobats, silent and live auctions with everything from handbags (shameless plug here)
to private dinner parties to a vacation villa in Tuscany .

Tickets for the March 26th BOLLYWOOD event are available at this link and,
I can guarantee… you will be delightfully entertained!

Article on Gables Home Page:
Coral Gables business woman pursues a
labor of love for orphans.
Lynn Bauer devotes countless hours to helping
youngsters in southern India.

UPDATE:  The Custom Design Bags for Sunil’s Home Orphanage of India are
available online and a portion of all sales will be donated to Sunil’s Home Orphanage.
Here’s the page:


Contact me to discuss a custom designed bag for your business, organization
or fundraising event. I’m especially fond of creating designs that benefit children,
animals and our environment 🙂

Balloon Art 102 with Irina Patterson

My second balloon art lesson with Irina on a beautiful Saturday morning at Einsteins in Coral Gables.

Jenna and her friends seem to be enjoying balloon art as well!

Sabrina with charicature balloon dogs of Tony and Chris

Sabrina with charicature balloon dogs of Tony and Chris

Eric and Brandon dropped by to say hello and got right into Balloon Dogs too!

Eric and Brandon dropped by to say hello and got right into Balloon Dogs too!

James, Jenna, Jeffrey and John making Balloon Dogs!

James, Jenna, Jeffrey and John making Balloon Dogs!

Irina’s Art Entertainment business will bring smiles to any event! Here’s the link to see more of her work and book a facepainter, balloon artist, fortune teller and other characters for your party: http://mylifeandart.typepad.com
and it may even be me that paints your face or twists a few crazy balloon characters for you 😉

Don Chile Grand Opening Pics, Coral Gables, FL

It was standing room only and right out to the sidewalks at Don Chile’s Grand Opening on Wednesday night in Coral Gables. Marilyn, Paul and I walked just two blocks to get here so no complaints about location and there seems to be plenty of parking on this end of the Ponce as well. I thoroughly enjoyed a sampler Pisco Cilantro Sour and will definitely be back for lunch or dinner.

Even though this gentleman was mixing and pouring drink samples like crazy and he was kind enough to not only pose at my request, but did so with a smile! I didn’t get his name, but he, or someone, will post it in a comment so we all know who to ask for at Don Chile.

A few of the very reasonably priced To Go Menu items:
Quesadilla Ranchera – flour tortilla filled with grilled steak, bacon, onion, tomato, cilantro and melted jack cheese, served with sour cream and guacamole – $9.95 

Ensalada Rosario – crispy romain hearts, avocado, tomato, corn, green onions, cilantro, tossed with homemade avocado dressing with grilled chicken – $8.99

SOUPS: $5.50
Camarones a la Diabla – sauteed shrimp with peppers and onions, served with rice – $14.50
Pato Castellano – duck breast sauteed in delicate pine nuts and walnuts with dry smoked peppers sauce and served with spicy mash potato and corn $13.99

Carne a la tampiquena – a tender cut grilled steak, topped with poblano strips and cream and served with one enchilada, rice and beans – $16.95

DESSERTS: Homemade Caramel Custard, Cake Tres Leches, Chocolate Cake
Don Chile is located at 1915 Ponce de Leon (across from Office Max) in Coral Gables. Phone: 305-461-1566. Mon-Wed 11 am to 9 pm, Thurs-Sat 11 am to 11pm. Closed Sunday.