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Gourmet Green Market at Miami’s Legion Park

Upper East Side Green Market Biscayne Blvd

The Upper East Side Green Market at Biscayne Blvd and 66th Street is right on the bay at Legion Park in Miami. This is just one of “The Market Company” Green Markets around Miami and it is definitely one of my favorites! Fabulous produce, cut flowers, Estela’s Orchids, seafood, local honey, African shea butter products, Manuel Vives’ fresh roasted Columbian coffee beans direct from his property at Hacienda Manzanares, the most exotic and aromatic blends of herbs and spices, homemade ice cream, cookies, breads, Organic specialties (and catering), local restaurant specialties, hummus, sauces, James’ secret recipe BBQ, Anet’s Columbian Baked Goods, Italian specialties, (for breakfast I tried the mini taralle, split and layered with homemade mozzarella twist, garden fresh tomato, fresh basil and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and smooth, virgin olive oil – makes me hungry just writing this!). Don’t miss the doggie baked goods and unique, “Barkundy” bottled sauce for your favorite pooch from Annie’s Pooch Pops. Chiropractic alignments (see photo below of Dan with East Side Chiropractic checking spinal alignment on Fran Rollason, President of MiMo Biscayne Association) and massage therapists were there too!

Vendors and products vary a bit from week to week, but quality and variety is always more than you anticipate. Here are a few photos from last week. Too bad I can’t post the aroma and tastes as well! Be sure to say hello to Christian for me (he’s in the Honey photo). Chat with the vendors and fellow shoppers. Definitely one of the friendliest places in Miami. 

Green Market Estela's Orchids photo: Debra Cortese
Estela’s Orchids

Green Market Gourmet Garden photo: Debra Cortese

GreenMarket YUM photo: Debra CorteseGreenMarket Produce photo: Debra Cortese

GreenMarket Barkungy photo: Debra Cortese

GreenMarket regulars photo: Debra Cortese Leigh and Elcee, regular visitors to Green Market!

GreenMarket BBQ photo: Debra Cortese James BBQ – the best!

GreenMarket CookiesIC photo: Debra Cortese Homemade Ice Cream and Cookies – Try the Orange Ginger Cookies, YUM!

GreenMarket chiropractic photo: Debra Cortese Dan checks spinal alignment for Fran Rollason of MiMo Biscayne Association

GreenMarket Honey photo: Debra Cortese Bee sure to say hello to Christian 🙂

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