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40 Fashionable Bags Especially for Nature Lovers

Does a walk in nature create a sense of joy in your heart? Have you ever hugged a tree or marveled at the gorgeous twinkling moonlight on  newly fallen snow? Let’s make that twinkling twilight on gently rolling ocean waves for my Florida friends!
All of the designs on the new Fall/Winter Handbag Collections share the beauty, power and magic of nature’s energy. I’m always photographing elements of nature that ‘feel’ good – because they are literally, sharing the vibrations of their  location, colors, the time of day, the smells, sounds and sights of nature’s seasonal effects. Nature has so many beneficial vibrations and all we have to do is tune in to align with this power.

All of the designs in my new Fall/Winter Handbag Collections are created to energetically share the amazing vibrations of the flora, fauna or location they are based on. The 8 new designs, available on 5 different styles, are: Tribal Zebra, Peacock Diamond Blues, Red Dragon, Leopard Reflections, Snake Pattern Browns, Silver Maple, No. 9 Bridge Blues and Baby Greens in Gray.

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8 New Designs in the Fall/Winter Handbag Collection from Debra Cortese Designs

NEW fall-winter collection Debra Cortese Design handbags
click the Red Dragon Bags image to see all 8 designs in the New Collection

I’m beyond excited to introduce my new Fall/Winter Handbag Collection – especially for those of you who get the part about sharing “the beauty, power and magic of nature!” So many of my friends are gardeners, landscape architects, plant, flower and tree enthusiasts, people who truly feel the joy of being in tune with nature. They are also the top collectors of my art and Debra Cortese Design bags.

I’ve been creating nature art and designs since the early 80’s and it was in 2007 when I decided to add a line of handbags to my ever growing project portfolio. Except for a brief hiatus last year due to a trio of family and personal challenges, my line of Nature’s Energy design bags has grown steadily.

I’ve just released the 2013 Fall/Winter Collection of 8 new designs, several have definite northern, Catskill Mountain energy and colors and of course I’ve included a few that emit the wonderful warm energy of South Florida subjects! This collection features wild creature and nature element designs that are intentionally created to energetically share the natural vibrations as I first experienced them while photographing and researching each design. Tribal Zebra, Peacock Diamond Blues, Winter Snake Browns, Leopard Reflections, Red Dragon, Baby Greens in Gray, Silver Maple and No. 9 Bridge Blues are all available on five fashionable bag styles: a large business/travel tote, a soft side casual tote, the cross body hipster bag, a leather wrist wallet and a dopp bag.
You can see all eight designs on all 5 bag styles HERE. Plus, when you order any of the new bags between November 15th and the 26th, the shipping if FREE in the continental USA, and… several of the styles include a FREE matching leather wrist wallet/cell phone case (a $75.00 value). My way of thanking you for supporting my designs and helping me share the magic of nature!

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