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Repurposing art & designs for print-on-demand markets

created from detail sections of a 4 foot tall painted gnome*

Below are just a few of the new print on demand products in my ‘Garden Guardians’ collection.
All of the patterns and configurations were created from elements of the original 2004 hurricane plywood GNOME painting which you can see in the photo below the designs. It has taken a few days to create the patterns and print files and more time to create the promotional images which will be used on social media to reach people who are searching for a green garden gnome image on a pillow or a phone case!

It is often a lengthy and involved process and I mess up quite often, but I’ve been doing this type of work for years (many, many years) and I still enjoy all of the processes. I really only get frustrated when there are technical issues like the site is slow and the print files seem to take forever to load, or I’ve mis-calculated the size for a particular product and have to start over. All just part of the process.

To see the full Garden Guardians collection, click HERE.

*The mystical Green Garden Gnome in the photo that accompanies this post has become a mascot for much of my personal story. This character, along with over a dozen very unique ‘hurricane plywood’ gnomes allowed me to connect with the Miami art and business communities in ways I would not have expected. It was a delightful project involving about 17 artists, the Neighbors for Neighbors organization, television stations, the Miami Herald, Miami Arts & Business Council, Pinecrest Gardens, the Coral Gables Annual Christmas event and much more.

To see the original Gnomes click this link and, to read the front page article by Patti Roth click HERE.


PHOTO 2004: the original 4′ tall hurricane plywood (Hurricane Wilma 2004, Miami) Garden Gnome with a tiny garden Fairy holding a violet light star tetrahedron.

Fashion Accessory Designers at River of Art Showcase, Epic River Lounge

Just wanted to share a few photos of the fashion accessories and the
designers from Tuesday night’s event with Life is Art/Creative Connections
at the Epic Hotel’s River Lounge in Downtown Miami.

Fashion Accessory Designers at River of Art Showcase 8.11.09

Fashion Accessory Designers at River of Art Showcase August 11th at Miami's Epic Hotel, River Lounge during Life is Art/Creative Connection event.

PinUp Vixen Brown Betty and her one-of-a-kind hair accessories

PinUp Vixen Brown Betty and her one-of-a-kind hair accessories

Cindy & Gissi Jimenez
Gi and Pindo, The newspaper Jewelry Collection

Me with my display of Cortese Design Bags at River Lounge

Me (Debra Cortese) with my display of Cortese Design Bags at Epic River Lounge

You can see many more photos (including the artists and Adriana’s clothing line)
at Carlos Miller’s facebook photo album at: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=95263&id=647684635,
and article at: http://www.miamibeach411.com/news/index.php?/news/comments/life-is-art1/ 

Thank you to Bobby Brandt and the staff at Epic River Lounge,
and James Echols, Annette Pickert and everyone at Life Is Art
Creative Connections for putting together this fabulous art and fashion event.

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