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Orange Flower acrylic painting by Debra CorteseSince I’ve recently packed up my life’s belongings and made the move from Miami back to my childhood hometown, Narrowsburg, NY, I’m rediscovering work that I had tucked away in folders, portfolios and boxes. I was delighted to rediscover a folder of small, 5×7 inch acrylic paintings, really exercises in painting, small studies feels like the correct term. And, with my more experienced designer eyes, now saw these previously not so special works as prime material for derivative works. The waves and swirls of color are perfect for patterns and repeat designs. I see home decor textiles, wrapping paper, kitchen and bath designs, handbags of course, and oh, so many possibilities!

I’ve scanned all of them into high resolution files and have already begun the re-design process. And, since I really no longer need to hold on to these colorful little gems, I’ve decided to post them here on my ebay page so an astute and appreciative new art collector will be able to add to or start a collection of original paintings that literally vibrate with joyful shapes and colors.

If you may be that collector, here is the link to all of the small works. Happy bidding and if you are really interested, contact meand make an offer. You will make my day just by appreciating the art 😉


still painting for Breakfast with the Artist at Foccacia, Coconut Grove Sat morning 10 am!

second stage of  painting (1 of 3 canvasses). still wonder what it will look like finished!

Annamaria Windisch-Hunt asked me about a month ago if I’d be interested in doing a Breakfast with The Artist exhibit at Foccacia in Coconut Grove, Florida. Being the eternal optimist of course I said yes, and so here I am, writing when I should be painting… but realize I have to let YOU know about this, otherwise I’ll be having breakfast alone!!!

This is one of three paintings I’m working on (as soon as I finish this post). The canvasses are already at what I call stage 2 of progress. Only 3 more to go so I will be finished by Friday afternoon in time to hang the show 😉

It’s a cozy, intimate space and Annamaria (curator for Foccacia and Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery) suggested that abstracts are suited to this particular venue. I knew I had sketched an organic, nature shaped series just a ‘short’ while ago and they were hanging in my studio waiting for me to pick up a brush! Well, turned out a short time was just over 3 years ago! How the heck does that happen?!

I’ll be showing 3 of a series of 16 paintings. Had to wait until I’m actually in the flow of creating these to know what I’d call them. The first 3 feel representative of parallel dimensions, other planes of reality and imagination. Organic shapes – figures that I’ve doodled for as long as I can remember. For me, there is something elemental in these shapes. I can not stop drawing them. It’s a primal, unconscious expression, coming from beyond (perhaps another dimension?). They soothe my body, still my mind and I can feel the lightness of my soul when I’m painting them.

Join me for Breakfast with the Artist this Saturday, May 8th at 10 am at Focaccia Rustica,  3111 Grand Avenue  Coconut Grove, Florida and hopefully my paintings will extend this stress releasing energy to you as well!

Transitions – the painting process…

In keeping with my goal to paint every week, I started sketching late (around 11 pm) monday night. Images were dancing around in my head and needed to work them out on paper. I’ve always LOVED geometric shapes. Am a fan of MC Escher’s work, see: M. C. Escher Other Worlds 2010 Calendar (Wall Calendar) and I believe that our entire universe, on at least one level of functioning, is based on numbers. Oh, so I also love the show Numbers.
Images of a couple of the sketches and the paintings – set # 2 of the Transitions series – in the first stage of painting:

more to come as I progress and finish set 2 of my Transitions paintings.


Food Art



Mango Shrek mixed media photopainting by Debra Cortese
detail: Mango Shrek mixed media photopainting by Debra Cortese. click to see full canvas.

Mango Shrek original mixed media on canvas 24″ x 16″ $295.00
(16″ x 12″ prints $120.00) 

Ruby Dragon and Tomato Lair mixed media painting by Debra Cortese

detail: Ruby Dragon and Tomato Lair mixed media painting by Debra Cortese. click image to see full canvas



original mixed media on canvas, 26″ x 16″, $295.00

(18″ in x 12″ prints  $120.00)
contact: debra@debracortese
shipping included within continental USA 

Both Mango and Tomato art are series pieces. 9 Mango artworks. 7 Tomato artworks.

More food art images to be posted soon.

Summertime and the Mangos are…

Mango Shrek, a Nature\'s Energy photopainting by Debra Cortese

Ready! Mango Art Exhibition with 15 Artists opens Saturday, July 12th at the 16th Annual Mango Festival at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida. This years festival features the Mangos of Africa and if it’s anything like years past… about a hundred other varieties as well.

Mango cocktails, salsas, marinades, sauces, salads… anything you can imagine. Mango Mania prevails. Tasters line up at least an hour before the gates open at 9:30 am. There’s a Mango Costume Ball, Mango Brunch, Auction, tree sales, and yes… this is an art column… a Mango Art Exhibition and Sale. 15 Artists: Sylvia Bota, Debra Cortese, Julio J. Figueroa, Pauline Goldsmith, Bobbi Headder, Leonardo Hernandez, Kit Kimball, Lynda Lynch LaRocca, Robin Lawrie, Elsa Nadal, Terry Mulrooney,
Nettie Belle Robinson, Barbara A. Tejada, Beth Werner and Jedda Wong are sharing their Mango Art in as many styles and interpretations of this fabulous fruit as you can imagine… something for every taste and budget.

I’ll be showing “Mango in Bird Bath”, “Blue Bath” and “Almost Mango Salsa” which should appear in this blog. If you can’t make it to the show, but would like a Nature’s Energy Mango Artwork of your own, visit my Mango page and choose your favorites from 10 new mango artworks. If you are in Miami and would like to purchase any of my art, either online or in person, you’ll want to read my SUMMER NEWSLETTER and print out a copy of the FRAMING offer…Saves you $30. on framing!

Happy 4th of July… get out there and enjoy nature!
Great snorkeling weather here in South Florida 🙂
Mango Blue Plate by Debra Cortese
Mango in Bird Bath by Debra Cortese

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