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“Create Your Own Seed of Intention”

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The images below represent three Seeds of Intention
created by participants in the November 2017 Workshop

What is a Seed of Intention?

Every Seed of Intention image is created from a basic, Flower of Life pattern. This seemingly simple line art, along with a step-by-step process will help you identify areas of being that are truly aligned with your path, purpose and desires.

Do I have to be artistic?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, not being artistically inclined may be a bit of an advantage, as you will create/color more intuitively as opposed to an artist with training in color use and composition. This is a process of letting the energy flow through your hand onto the paper without a focus on what the final image will look like. You will be unveiling an energy pattern that is aligned with happiness and you will set an intention for something you would like to do; become; or have, and it will vibrate at the same level that you have identified as happiness. Every time you acknowledge your SOI image, you will be expanding that energy….

The Process

There are several levels of creating Seeds of Intention. Initially, you are encouraged to try out the process and see how it feels. Most people find their energy shifting right after the initial relaxation exercise and especially when they remember their answers to a few basic and playful questions.

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Another example of a Seed of Intention that
was created during the November 2017 workshop.

In creating Seeds of Intention my goal is to share the power and seemingly magical energy of every individual.

Use the comment section below to share your experience of this project and please share a photo of your final image along with your statement of intention and any insights you may have experienced that you would like to share.

If you prefer not to share it publicly, but would like to share with me privately, please send it to me HERE.

For further inspiration you can view more Seed of Intention images from the early live Miami workshops HERE.

photo: Debra Cortese