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Welcome Spiritual Connections Radio Listeners!

I hope you enjoyed my chat with Spiritual Connections host, Mark Rawson and that you are on this page to participate in the exercise to
Create Your Own Seed of Intention!

In creating the Seeds of Intention exercises and workshops, my goal is to identify and share the power and magic of every individual.
You can see examples of actual Seeds of Intention created by friends, volunteers and participants in the early stages of this project HERE.
The samples also include Sacred Geometry cards, drawn randomly by each individual. Notice the alignment of colors between the Seed art and the selected cards.
These were created in live workshops and the readings that are attributed to each card were also profoundly accurate in their messages with regard to the intention set by each creator.

“Create Your Own Seed of Intention”

To download my FREE, do-it-yourself version,

send an email to: soigift@debracortese.com

or leave a comment below and be sure to include
the words “FREE VERSION SOI”.

For email requests, be sure to type “FREE VERSION SOI” in the subject line and, in the message, be sure to include your full name and a valid email. You will receive a link to the Do It Yourself version of
Create Your Own Seed of Intention via email as soon as your email address is confirmed (usually within 24 hours).

*The free, Step by Step pdf version includes written instructions and a letter size 8.5 in x 11 in master template.

For expanded versions of the Create Your Own Seed of Intention, visit THIS PAGE.

Debra Cortese photo with art and handbag

Debra Cortese with Star Seed painting & the Star Seed pattern on her Hipster Bag.

Share your experience of creating a Seed of Intention

sample seed of intention Clarity, Change

In creating Seeds of Intention my goal is to share the power and seemingly magical energy of every individual.

Use the comment section below to share your experience of this project and please share a photo of your final image along with your statement of intention and any insights you may have experienced that you would like to share.

If you prefer not to share it publicly, but would like to share with me privately,
please send it to me at: mysoi@debracortese.com

For further inspiration you can view sample Seed of Intention images from the initial live Miami workshops HERE.
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