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Fern Fronds
from the “Jane’s Garden” collection


After watering all of the thirsty plants in Jane’s Garden, I noticed how the late afternoon sunlight was at the perfect angle to highlight not only the flowers, but also the water droplets and the contrast between shadow and light areas. This is where and how I get into the nature’s energy zone. Everything just looks and feels aligned. It is beautiful, peaceful and absolutely magical to me and I hope some of that enchantment comes through for you.

Ever feel like the ferns are waving to you? I couldn’t resist a few photos as I felt the soothing, cooling fern energy calling to me during one of my visits to Jane’s Garden. I imagine this would be a perfect image for any meditation room or wherever you feel most connected to nature.

Each of the Jane’s Garden images are available as fine art prints on canvas or paper, framed or unframed, and…

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