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magenta vanda orchid cascade against velvet black dancing white pink orchids against bamboo background pink, yellow and brown stripe slipper orchid, paphipedlium white orchids and flowing green ferns magenta orchid, vanda

golden bronze slipper orchids with furled tendrils against ferns yellow green striped slipper orchids against burgundy green bromeliads pink yellow spotted and striped slipper orchids with fairies endangered Ghost Orchid, angel deva

"Patricia" orange yellow bromeliad swirls Achemea "Blue Tango" bromeliad against maidenhair fern, greens, indigo, magenta striped green and pink tipped bromeliad

frangipani detail, buds against dark leaf background golden, orange Bird of Paradise against leaves erect, glowing orange heliconia claw against surreal blue dot background blue, white Bird of Paradise against leaf stalks Nature's Energy Frangipani, glowing peach, pinks, yellows and greens

Brownea, orange burst of Nature's Energy, fireworks, explosion Hibiscus, huge yellow, peach, magenta bloom Angel Trumpets against earth tone background, Nature's Energy, peach, yellow greens spotted pink begonia with rich burgundy green furry leaves Red Ginger, lady with attitude deva, striking macro against watercolor background

bold yellow Solandra with brown stripes, 4 stamen devas, can you see one that looks like Bill Clinton? exotic Jadevine, devas couple, sea greens, turquoise with magenta purple stems against shadowy background exotic Jadevine bunch, Jadevine Gnome, sea greens, blues, turquoise and warm yellow brown buds swirling, twirling baby banana leaves, Nature's Energy art by Debra Cortese Giant Alocacia leaf in Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Rainforest, Nature's Energy image by Debra Cortese

magical Tree Deva, spring green leaves against warm yellow brown bark, Nature's Energy by Debra Cortese Onions, onion devas, green stems, fuzzy blooms, yellow and browns Tangled forest roots and trees, Catskill Mountain image by Debra Cortese, devas, nature spirits Tarragon, potted herbs, Nature's Energy by Debra Cortese, greens, red browns, yellow flowers tropical leaves and ferns, vibrant greens against rich, dark background, golden highlights

Maidenhair Fern, potted plant, greens, blue and orange background, Nature's Energy by Debra Cortese Tropical glory, white flower, unfurling leaves, flowers, yellow ducklike deva Dramatic Fuschia bloom, blue reds, warm pinks, greens, yellows, Nature's Energy image by Debra Cortese Cat tails and cocoplum Nature's Energy image by Debra Cortese. purples, violets, golden orange, yellows, greens and dark, rich background Glowing pink rose, Nature's Energy image by Debra Cortese


Orange gladiola, closeup image of flower by Debra Cortese, Vermont Garden Royal Poinicana tree, orange, rich colors and contrasts, yellows, greens, pods and leaves Chinese Lanterns, orange and greens, strong sunlight, Vermont Garden photo by Debra Cortese Orange and yellow day lily, tiger lily, Vermont Garden photo by Debra Cortese Milkweed macro image by Debra Cortese, fall colors, warm browns, soft whites

dandelions, stylized Nature's Energy image by Debra Cortese, night effect Snow Drops, stylized Nature's Energy image by Debra Cortese Red Leaf Lettuce, Lettuce Deva Lady Lily, photo-digital image by Debra Cortese


Anemone, 3 Anemone sisters, devas, Red, blues macro image by Debra Cortese Red Clover by Debra Cortese Monardna, dancing devas, pinks against soft green and blue by Debra Cortese Foxglove, pinks, greens photo image by Debra Cortese Echinacea, glowing warm brown/orange center, pink leaves, devas by Debra Cortese

Purple Iris, Iris Gnome by Debra Cortese Plant Spirit Image series Morning Glory, purple white bloom, Vermont Garden photo by Debra Cortese Morning Glory fairy, purple, white and soft muted background, Vermont Garden image by Debra Cortese, Plant Spirit Images series Purple Passion Flower, photo by Debra Cortese Dancing Iris Gnome Child, Purple Iris detail. Vermont Garden image by Debra Cortese, Plant Spirit Images series

Lily of the Valley, pink white flowers against soft green leaves. Vermont Garden image by Debra Cortese. Plant Spirit Image series Pink white Rose of Sharon, Kingston Garden image by Debra Cortese. Plant Spirit Image series Marsh Mallow, pink white stripes with green leaves, buds against soft forest background. Catskill Mountain wildflower image by Debra Cortese

Comfrey, medicinal plant, weed. Catskill Mountain/Plant Spirit Image series by Debra Cortese Fiddlehead Fern, Fiddlehead Fern Deva, Plant Spirit Image sereis by Debra Cortese Garden Gnome and Red Begonia, Miami garden image by Debra Cortese
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