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No9 Bridge Blues 5 bag styles by Debra Cortese Designs

If you’ve been following me over the years, you may remember my nature design bags. Ideally, you already own one or more of them!
As of November 2018, I’m reviving a few of my favorite fall and winter designs and will be creating seasonal, limited editions of new designs.

I’m including just a few images of the Fall – Winter collection below with links to each for size, materials and price info. Each bag is currently produced one at a time as your order is confirmed.
Here’s the link to see the full Fall and Winter collection. Each design is available on all 5 bag styles so, you’ll have a few decisions to make to get just the right bag for yourself or to give as gifts.

If you have any questions and especially if you have a favorite plant or flower that you would like to have created into a custom design, you can CONTACT ME HERE.

Wishing you the best during the busy holiday season and a joyful year ahead!

~ Debra

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