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Manatee Waters Revisited by Debra CorteseManatee Waters Revisited
mixed media gicleé on canvas with acrylics
– 30″ x 18″ – by Debra Cortese

“Manatee Waters Revisited” is a new derivative image of an earlier Manatee series that was created in 2008. The following is a brief description of the story behind the Manatee art. To read the original 2008 post and see the earlier work, click here.

During an early January afternoon visit to the Deering Estate at Old Cutler, we encountered a group of about six manatees*. We watched and photographed them for almost two hours as they played, snorted, splashed and rested on this perfect winter day. It seemed as though they were performing just for our entertainment! Due to the angles of light and the constant ripples of the water, I was not able to get a recognizable photo of a single manatee. However, all of the “Manatee Waters” images share the delight and joy of their magical Manatee energy!

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*MANATEES are an endangered species.

To learn how you can help them, visit:  http://www.savethemanatee.org

View National Geographic manatee video here.