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Getting my presentation in order for tonight’s workshop on The Business of Art Licensing. This is the introductory workshop to help artists decide if this is an area that they would like to pursue and for those who say yes, I’m preparing a series of 3 more workshops to cover the areas of: art licensing portfolio preparation; where and how to find an agent or manufacturer to license your art; and the legal contracts and terminology of licensing your art.
I am thrilled to say that tonight’s workshop at GroveHouse Artists Gallery in Coconut Grove, Florida is filled to capacity and there’s a backlist of people who are still calling and emailing this afternoon. Obviously this is a topic of great interest to many artists – as it is to me! I will decide next week if I can add another introductory workshop or perhaps on online teleseminar. Will keep you posted!
For more information on the continuing series of workshops, visit: https://www.debracortese.com/workshops.html or send an email to me at: artlicensing@debracortese.com
Keep the ideas and the art flowing!