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feet by Erin Inglis                 

Tell us a bit about yourself (name, location, affiliations, personal stuff).My name is Erin Inglis. I’m 27 years old.I have 5 gray hairs, a cat named Stephen, a pair of ice skates I have never used, a lot of arts and crafts supplies, two broken DVD players, a loveseat that I love (duh),and a mild shopping addiction. I live in Vermont where I work as cookie eater in a little bakery. I’m very good at it. Probably the best. It’s hard to say for sure though. I’m awkward, I hate doing laundry, sometimes I speak in a really bad Russian accent, I have never carved my Dad’s name into his dining room table (he did it), and I’m terrible at returning emails to family members (I have no idea why).earthquake necklaceRead the entire interview and see more of Erin’s awesome work at http://www.brokenfingersart.etsy.com


She’s the featured artist on Etsy this weekend and I’m her very, very proud Mother!http://www.erininglis.com