Nature entrances me. The harmony and patterns, symmetry, geometry, vibrant and soothing colors, the protective camoflage for flora and fauna, healing energies, medicinal properties, the intricate beauty…

Everything on our planet shares a core energy, a vital life force that animates and supports all growth and renewal. In nature, when this energy is balanced and uninhibited by human interference, the flow is smooth, perfection exists. When I am truly in touch with nature, the feelings I experience are incredibly magical, full of wonder and joy!

My art is about the experiences I have with nature. It’s my voice to share these stories and expand the awareness of our incredibly awesome and beneficent planet… our Mother Earth.

Nature Spirits – Devas – Fairies – Gnomes – Rock Totems

I was first aware of Nature Spirits as a child playing in the woods and streams of my family home in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Then, in the early 70’s I read about the existence of nature spirits at the Findhorn Garden in Scotland. Fascinated by this story of miraculous transformation, I began to experiment with communicating with the plant devas while gardening and hiking in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. I read voraciously and learned that nature spirits have existed throughout time in almost every culture around the world.

You can see many of my early ‘Plant Spirit’ images HERE.

My art is created using a combination of photography, traditional and digital painting. I enhance and subdue the balance of light, contrast and colors to work an image into the most authentic expression of my experience.