Gnome for the Holidays

December 22, 2014

My garden gnome is now enjoying the winter out of the cold river winds. His favorite place is on top of the studio bookcase where he has a picture window view of the Delaware River. Wishing you a joyful Christmas and Holiday Season  


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Bee populations are plummeting! Yet the Environmental Protection Agency recently sided with Dow AgroSciences to approve a new, highly toxic bee-killing pesticide called sulfoxaflor. And now the EPA is considering expanding the number of crops this pesticide can be sprayed on to include corn, alfalfa, oats, and several other significant and widely grown crops. Will […]


Big Pines and Autumn Leaves

October 20, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012 view from the deck at my sister’s house. Narrowsburg, New York


Writing from the Catskills tonight. New moon is bright and clear above the barren treetops. The soft, sweet smell of fallen leaves mingles with the cool night air and floats gently around me stirring memories covering many chapters of many lives. This provides a sense of comfort while the sound of the roaring brook speaks […]


Rainbow Sisters

October 13, 2012

Resurrecting a derivative image which represents the feminine energies of our planet. It is based on an original pastel drawing that I did many, many years ago which has long since been misplaced/lost over many moves and life chapters. Rainbow Sisters expresses unity in diversity; it is ultimately about our global transformation as ‘one’ mutually […]


The meadow where I dream…

November 2, 2011

I read this early today, before I got out of bed and then, I went out to my favorite tree where I always feel connected and inspired and Julia’s song made even more sense!!! In the center of your heart Is a still small part Like a meadow in a forest made of green. In […]


Over the past 4 years we’ve been host to a hive of honeybees 4 times! Twice in the past two months with the most recent on June 29th! The first time was in 2007 when they made a new home in the east wall of my bedroom. Next was in 2009 in the west wall […]